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Arizona Bats

June 21, 2016

Well, the bats are certainly back at our place here north of Tucson.  Here is what was waiting for us after a trip to Yellowstone a few weeks back:


I count about 20 Pallid bats.  While we like bats we would prefer them to hang out in their bat house which has yet to be used.  The poop from 20 bats on your porch is a bit much.

I was hoping for some ID help with another bat that visited us.  We have had the Big Brown Bat before but this bat was smaller, blonder and seemed to have longer ears:




Thanks in advance.


White-winged Bat in Rwanada

January 26, 2016

This bat was flying over the Masaka wetland (Kigali, Rwanda) at dusk. It had strikingly white wings – I’ve never seen a bat like it. I have very few African bat resources available to me, but see that there is a species on the Rwandan bat list called White-winged Serotine (and a Google image search shows a similarly patterned animal).  If anyone has any thoughts on the topic, I would love to hear them.

Sorry for the poor quality of the image — it was getting dark and the bat was moving quickly)

IMG_2363 (2)

Indian bat ID

January 25, 2016

Hi all

Anyone any good on Indian bats? There seems to be a paucity of literature on the subject, but I was hoping for some input on the below two species photographed by Will Soar on our recent trip.

No. 1:

Body length estimated to be 8-9cm; these were photgraphed emerging from a roost in one of the bungalows in Blackbuck Lodge, Velavadar, but we also had good binocular views of what I’m sure is the same species at Sasan Gir, where they were alighting briefly on a tree trunk to glean ants. At both sites they were out relatively early in the evening, flying circuits with fast wingbeats but slow progress and occasional glides. This matches the flight action described for Dormer’s Bat (aka Dormer’s Pipistrelle) Scotozous dormeri in Menon’s mammals field guide; I also believe the size and coloration are good for that species. However, I can’t find any images to back up my identification, any ideas on how to be sure?

No. 2:

I have even less of a a clue about this handsome individual from Gir NP. I put the bosy length at ~10cm, maybe a little more; some of the other saw it fly into the tree and thought it looked quite substantial and long-winged.  A house bat sp. has been suggested, but I’m not sure (quite happy to be wrong though!). I think the dorsal fur is too long and orangey; I got a brief look at it’s face before it hunkered down (no pics sadly) and the muzzle was narrower than I’d expect for a Scotophilus. The contrast between the fingers and the membranes seems interesting, but it may not be possible to put a name to it.

Any thoughts gratefully received!







Bat ID help – Danum Valley, Sabah

November 12, 2015

On a recent visit to the wonderful Danum Valley in Sabah (Malaysian Borneo), I came across this bat while walking a trail in the early morning. I only noticed it as the bat flew in and landed in this position, and I was able to get a few photos. Not sure of the ID so any help appreciated!

mlsy_05211 mlsy_05205


Marc Anderson