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August 29, 2016

Hello from Tokyo, where I am working after a happy – but short visit – to Amami Island, where I saw 17 of the endemic black Amami Rabbits and a couple of the very cool Ryoku Long-furred Rats.  Report coming soon.

Meanwhile, until we get an alert system in place  notifying the new posts, here are some recent posts you might want to check out

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Close Encounters of the Furred Kind – my report back (and my talk) from the British Bird Fair

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I have a bunch more to add this week and next







Mongolia Mammal Trip – last minute availability

August 17, 2016

Phil Telfer, Paul Carter and I are heading to Mongolia at the start of September for a couple of weeks.  A last minute cancellation means we have one space available. Desperately short notice I know but if you’ve ever dreamed of seeing the world’s last wild Camels, some of the crazy looking Long-eared Jerboas and maybe a Gobi Bear or a Snow Leopard then now is your chance.  We leave Ulaan Bator on Saturday 3 September for 2 weeks.

Richard Webb’s report from 2015 gives you an idea of how great a destination Mongolia is.


New Trip Report: Qinghai and Sichuan

July 26, 2016

Another very successful trip report covering both Sichuan & Qinghai on the same trip. I am envious of all those badgers in particular!

Sichuan & Qinghai, 2016: Juan Luis Ortega Herranz, 17 days & 35 species including Chinese Mountain CatPallas’s CatTibetan MacaqueHog, Asian and Chinese Ferret Badgers, Chinese Serow and many of the Tibetan specialities.


New Trip Report: Sichuan and Qinghai

July 24, 2016

Nigel Goodgame had a great time in China, and managed – with the new roads – to combine the Qinghai area and Sichuan into one 3 week trip.

Sichuan & Qinghai, 2016: Nigel Goodgame, 22 days & 34 species including Chinese Mountain CatPallas’s CatAsiatic Black BearChinese Ferret BadgerHog BadgerTakin and Tufted Deer.


New Trip Report: Oman and Dubai

July 23, 2016

Oman and Dubai, 2016: Remco Hofland, 11 days (mainly birding) & 9 species in Oman including False Killer Whale and Africa Wild Cat, and 2 species in Dubai (Cape Hare and Sand Gazelle).


Unusual alliance between two species

July 19, 2016

Bear and wolf – captured by Finnish photographer Lassi Rautiainen in Finland.

New Trip Report – Corsica

June 29, 2016

Here’s a new report from Ralf Bürglin with some mammals in between the birds and some great pictures.

Corsica, 2016: Ralf Bürglin, 10 days & 7 mammals including Pine Marten and Greater White-toothed Shrew.