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August 29, 2016

Hello from Tokyo, where I am working after a happy – but short visit – to Amami Island, where I saw 17 of the endemic black Amami Rabbits and a couple of the very cool Ryoku Long-furred Rats.  Report coming soon.

Meanwhile, until we get an alert system in place  notifying the new posts, here are some recent posts you might want to check out

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I have a bunch more to add this week and next







New Trip Report: Amazon River

July 22, 2016

Hi, I have a couple of reports to upload but am still catching up after Australia (a report will follow).

Here’s the first – an epic report from Fiona Reid who just came back from Brazil.  A mouthwatering list of unusual species here and I am hoping that we can organise a similar trip again in 2017 (with an even greater mammal focus next year).  Let me know if you are interested in more information.

Amazon, 2016Fiona Reid, 2 week epic river trip with at least 45 species including 16 primates (including White-faced SakiGrey’s Bald-faced SakiGold and White Marmoset and Pied Tamarin), great bats (Northern Ghost Bat and White-winged Vampire Bat), and nice rodents, like Amazon Bamboo Rat and Giant Tree Rat.



New Trip Report: Chiloe, Chile

June 8, 2016

Here’s a useful update on the mammal watching on Chiloe Island, Chile.

Chiloe, 2016: Nayer Youakim, 5 days & 8 species including a GuignaChilean Dolphins and a Pudu.


New Trip Report: Costa Rica

June 6, 2016

An interesting report from Michael Kessler, who spent 4 weeks in Costa Rica.  He was mainly botanising, but managed to see a bunch of good mammals too.  I was particularly interested to see that both Cotero and Atlantic Spotted Dolphins are quite easy to see in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica, 2016: Michael Kessler, 4 weeks & 43 species including Zeledon’s Mouse OpossumWoolly OpossumPale Spear-nosed BatTayraHooded Skunk and Cotero.


An accessible trail on Chiloe Island

June 5, 2016

Jeroen Beuckels got in touch with me asking if I could spread the word about a very worthwhile project he is working on in Chiloe Island, Chile, which I am very happy to do. Please share with others who might be interested or able to help.


One and a half years ago we started fulfilling our dream to make the beauties of Chiloé’s island accessible to people with an auditory, physical, visual or mental (dis)ability. 

With help from the locals and volunteers we have started to build a trail that literally gives everyone access to the outdoors, culture and history of Chiloé’s Archipelago. 

The trail will be 400 m (437 yd) long and have 16 rest areas that each will show, feel, smell, tell something about the local fauna and flora, gastronomy, geology, art etc. 

To continue building the path we’ll need further funding.
A short video we made visualizes our plans for the trail, click here if you want to watch it. 
On our website you can find additional information about what we have been doing in the last years on the farm. The link to the website is:

Spreading our idea through sharing the video and website with friends and family would help us greatly as well.

Thanks and kind greetings from Grecia, Jeroen, Tamara and Gabriel

New Trip Report: Paraguay (mainly), Brazil and Argentina

June 5, 2016

Here’s a report from Jason Woolgar’s 34 day expedition through Paraguay.  Lots of diversity, though good sightings were tricky for some species.

Paraguay (mainly), Argentina & Brazil, 2015: Jason Woolgar, 34 days & 50 species including PumaOcelotGeoffroy’s CatJaguarundiLesser GrisonChacoan Peccary and five Armadillo species.


New Trip Report: Paraguay

May 25, 2016

Here’s a report from Jon Lehmberg of a 2014 visit to Paraguay, a great destination for mammals.

Paraguay, 2014: Jon Lehmberg, 1 week & 21 species including 5 Armadillo speciesJaguarundi and a Tapir.