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August 29, 2016

Hello from Tokyo, where I am working after a happy – but short visit – to Amami Island, where I saw 17 of the endemic black Amami Rabbits and a couple of the very cool Ryoku Long-furred Rats.  Report coming soon.

Meanwhile, until we get an alert system in place  notifying the new posts, here are some recent posts you might want to check out

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I have a bunch more to add this week and next







New (old) Trip Report: Gabon, Cameroons and the Congos

May 4, 2016

Here’s the final part of Vladimir Dinets’s 2009 memoirs featuring many species I have never seen and a lot I have never heard of.

The Congos, Cameroon and Gabon, 2009: Vladimir Dinets account of a week in each country. Species include: in Congo-Brazzaville – Black-legged MongooseRed-fronted Duiker; in Gabon – Northern TalapoinBlack ColobusRed River HogWhite-collared MongooseMandrill, and Cameroon – DrillAfrican Manatee and a swag of rodents, shrews and bats everywhere.


New Trip Report: Riverine Rabbits in South Africa

April 27, 2016

A great report from Paul Carter who just spent a weekend successfully searching for Riverine Rabbits, currently top of my list of things to look for when I am back in South Africa (well just below Pangolin at least). Sounds like a top spot.

Riverine Rabbit Quest, 2016: Paul Carter, 3 days & 19 mammals including Riverine RabbitHewitt’s Red-rock Hare, Aardwolf, Round-eared and Cape Sengis. 


New Trip Report: Malawi

April 13, 2016

A report by Dominic Couzens from a country not frequently mammal-watched in!

Malawi, 2015: Dominic Couzens, 5 days & 26 species including Marsh MongooseHarrison’s Soft-furred Fruit BatAfrican Hedgehog and a Mutable Sun Squirrel.



New Trip Report: Ethiopia

April 12, 2016

Another new report from Richard Webb, this time of a Wildwings tour he led through Ethiopia.

Ethiopia, 2016: Richard Webb (Wildwings), 12 days & 44 species including Ethiopian WolfAardwolfStriped Hyena and Bale Monkey.


Fiona Reid’s next trip to South Africa

April 6, 2016

Fiona Reid is running a mammal trip to South Africa during the second half of November this year.  On the basis of past performance – in SA and elsewhere – its going to be a belter.  However, if you go and if you see a Pangolin then PLEASE … I do not want to know….




New Trip Report: Guinea

April 1, 2016

Adam Jakab sent me’s first report from Guinea. He only spent two hours in the Pinselly Forest looking for mammals but it was productive.

Pinselly Classified Forest, 2015: Adam Jakab, 2 hours and 5 species including Chimpanzee and Diana Monkey.