Mammalwatching Reboot …. new forum/blog

Greetings from the British Bird Fair where there is a surprisingly large interest in mammals and mammal watching.

As some of you have noticed, the new – rebooted – is now up and running.  It officially passes my kids’ “doesn’t look like its from the olden days” test, even though – as Richard Webb pointed out – its not them that uses it so who cares.

There is still work to do of course.  And my trip to the Bird Fair means I haven’t managed to test everything.  In particular the new community forum – which replaces this blog – still needs some work.  I hope everyone who is a member of this forum will be able to use their same login details to post on the new forum here (if not then let me know!).  In particular I am not sure that the automatic emails that alert people to a new post are working properly yet.  But please bear with me on that.  And please start posting on the new forum from now on as this one will soon be shut down.

Please do take a look at the new site and let me know what you like, what you don’t like, and what can be improved or added (preferably as a comment on the new forum!).

Thank you




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4 Comments on “Mammalwatching Reboot …. new forum/blog”

  1. tomeslice Says:

    Hey Jon! Great stuff! I like the new layout and the new look.
    I did try to log into the discussion forums and was not able to, under the accusation that I typed in the wrong password (I tried several times). So just to make sure, I tried to register with my email but it said this account already exists. And finally, I clicked “forgot password” and typed in my email, but never received an email.

    That’s it… other than that, I would say that the site looks great. I love the pictures you added for every “location”/Country. Would it be better to put them alphabetically? Not sure..
    I did notice that you have “Sabah” as a separate entity from “Borneo”, and the Sabah page only lists Richard Webb’s trip report… not sure if that was on purpose.


    • Jon Hall Says:

      Thanks Tomer. Good to hear.

      There are some teething issues with forum. Let me check and I will message you. There is no natural order to the country pages. They are pins on the map so I think searching is the best way to find a page.

      Thanks for letting me know about Sabah. I will fix that !


      • vdinets Says:

        I agree. It can be difficult to find a country, especially if you are not sure which ecoregion it’s in. I think it would be a good idea to have an alphabetic list of all countries and have it accessible along with ecoregions from Places tab. I’d actually list all countries, even those for which there’s nothing yet, so that later it will be easier to add stuff.

      • Jon Hall Says:

        Thanks Vladimir – I am trying to sort the countries per ecozone alphabetically – though that will require some coding so will take more time. The search function seems to work really well though I think and our web developer thinks that is the way to go rather than a list. But lets see how you are getting on with it in a few weeks and we can revisit the idea. There are some more comments on the new site here

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