Coming (very) Soon: Mammalwatching 2.0

After a year or more of procrastination I am now happy to say that the new will be coming very soon.  The new site will be easier to use and more community focussed than the current site.  It also looks a lot better: I am tired of my kids laughing at me and my website from “the olden days”.

This blog is being integrated into the new site and so if you want to post something perhaps you could wait a few days until the new site is up and running.

I will be talking about the new site – and mammal watching more generally – at the British Bird Fair in a couple of weeks (my talk will be on Saturday afternoon). Yes I realise a bird fair is dangerous ground for a mammal watcher but hopefully the monkey that has a starring role on their website is a sign we will be among friends!   If you are going please get in touch.  It would be great to meet up with people I know only from email.



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5 Comments on “Coming (very) Soon: Mammalwatching 2.0”

  1. tomeslice Says:

    Jon I saw the agenda for the bird watching conference, and now I really want to go, but unfortunately won’t be able to.

    It’s also noteworthy that there are several mammal watching lectures, such as mammal watching in Borneo, wolverine and bear watching in Finland, etc. But I’m sure your lecture will be the most entertaining, (and hopefully offensive to at least 1-2% of the audience ;-P )

    You should have it videoed and posted in the website.
    Good luck and have fun!

  2. I second Tomer’s suggestion, please film the talk and post it here. I did hope to make the lecture in person but it’s very difficult to leave my business at this time of the year (and I need the money for more mammal watching trips). Good luck Jon and I look forward to Mammalwatching 2.0.

  3. Jon Hall Says:

    Thanks for your support guys! Filming the talk is a good idea (as long as my daughter never sees it… she features in several slides and she will not like the way she is featured …). So I will try to put it on line so long as its not too offensive of course! (Am I really that offensive Tomer … probably). Would have been great to see you there.. more for beers in the bar than my talk but hope to see you soon in any case.

  4. mattinidaho Says:

    Look forward to the new site. If your talk at the Bird Fair is introducing birders to mammal watching, I’d love to run a blog version on our blog sometime. Birding is the #1 hobby of our members (probably not a surprise), and any time I run mammal watching stories the topic attracts a lot of interest.

    • Jon Hall Says:

      Hi Matt, yes I would be very happy to collaborate on/ or contribute to a blog maybe when I get back from Mongolia in mid September … actually I might send you my slides privately to see what you think about the presentation… I suspect I will be talking partly to mammal people who know more than I do, and partly to birders and so its a tricky one to pitch. Really though I am hoping to encourage more people to get involved in our hobby

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