New Trip Report: Amazon River

Hi, I have a couple of reports to upload but am still catching up after Australia (a report will follow).

Here’s the first – an epic report from Fiona Reid who just came back from Brazil.  A mouthwatering list of unusual species here and I am hoping that we can organise a similar trip again in 2017 (with an even greater mammal focus next year).  Let me know if you are interested in more information.

Amazon, 2016Fiona Reid, 2 week epic river trip with at least 45 species including 16 primates (including White-faced SakiGrey’s Bald-faced SakiGold and White Marmoset and Pied Tamarin), great bats (Northern Ghost Bat and White-winged Vampire Bat), and nice rodents, like Amazon Bamboo Rat and Giant Tree Rat.



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