Yellowstone Report – May 2016

We spent a week in Yellowstone in mid May and had a great time.  Of our 9 trips so far this one was likely the best.  The bears were everywhere, we saw our first Long-tailed Weasel, and we saw some great wolf behavior.

The only bad news is that May was more crowded than usual (1st May ever with more than 400k visitors).  But as usual, getting out early and staying out late helped to beat the crowds.  Here are a few links for those interested.

Gallery Link

Trip Report Link

Here’s a sampling of some pictures:






And finally, if you want to see Columbian Ground Squirrels the rest areas in Western Montana along I90 are filled with them.



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7 Comments on “Yellowstone Report – May 2016”

  1. tomeslice Says:

    Great stuff, Alan!!
    Thank you for sharing 🙂


  2. Jon Hall Says:

    Great pictures Alan as always.. thank you!

  3. Alan D Says:

    No problem guys, thanks for the kind words. Besides all the bears and the weasel, the other big highlight was seeing so many Pika at Hellroaring. Last trip 3 years ago, we saw none. There were at least a dozen in that area this trip which was good to see.

  4. Amazing! My husband and I are visiting in early September. We will be arriving through Cooke City and visiting Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. We are passionate about wildlife and photography. How did you spot all these amazing animals, including the pika? Which parts of the park dud you visit, and did you spend a lot of time hiking, or spotting while driving? Did you go with a guide?Wonderful photos thanks for sharing.

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