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Bering Sea Islands trip, 2017

June 30, 2016

Dear All,

Our trip to Bering Sea islands didn’t happen this year due to multiple issues with boat charter, so it is now planned for  June 27-July 4, 2017.

It is expensive, but it is a unique adventure and almost certainly your only chance to see some of the world’s remotest and most scenic wilderness, not to mention a few endemics. This trip has been run only once so far (for birders only), and will probably never be offered after 2017 as it is extremely difficult to organize. It might also be the last trip I guide in North America, as we are planning to move overseas soon after.

You can see a brief trip description here. A more detailed one is in the works. Please let me know if you are interested.

Vladimir Dinets

New Trip Report – Corsica

June 29, 2016

Here’s a new report from Ralf Bürglin with some mammals in between the birds and some great pictures.

Corsica, 2016: Ralf Bürglin, 10 days & 7 mammals including Pine Marten and Greater White-toothed Shrew.


RFI: Canada

June 25, 2016

Hi all,

I will be in Vancouver and Winnipeg/Churchill next month, and would welcome mammal info.

  1. Star-nosed mole. I think the only reasonable chance in a short visit is contact with somebody who studies these animals?
  2. Best cruises/viewing opportunities from Vancouver Island for Dall’s Porpoise, Pacific White-sided Dolphin, any baleen whales, all eared seals? I saw already harbor porpoise and killer whales.
  3. Mountain goat, bighorn sheep, pronghorn, unfenced bison. To my gen, the nearest certain places are Banff (first two) and Grasslands NP (other two). Are there places closer to either Vancouver or Winnipeg?



New trip Report: The Azores

June 23, 2016

Here’s a new report on a few – fabulous – days whale watching in the Azores. Yet another place to add to my list…

The Azores, 2016: Ben Balmford, 5 days & 13 species including Blue WhalesFalse Killer Whales and Blainville’s Beaked Whales.


Carbon Offsetting

June 22, 2016

It strikes me that an awful lot of us take a great number of flights. To reduce my carbon-guilt, I have offset carbon emissions for the last ten years or so. If you want to do the same, then the first step is to calculate the amount of CO2 that you emit. A relatively good calculator can be found here: (even taking account of your aircraft type, if you want). This gives you your emissions in kg of CO2. There are then plenty of options as to where and how your offset is achieved. I use which sends your money to a fully accredited project run by the Royal Scoiety for the Protection of Birds which safeguards the extraordinarily diverse Gola Forest – conserving 60 globally threatened species (including chimps and pygmy hippos) as well as securing a great deal of carbon and contributing to local livelihoods. This costs $10/tonne of CO2, so a trip to the Azores for two cost $28 for return flights from London.

Yellowstone Report – May 2016

June 21, 2016

We spent a week in Yellowstone in mid May and had a great time.  Of our 9 trips so far this one was likely the best.  The bears were everywhere, we saw our first Long-tailed Weasel, and we saw some great wolf behavior.

The only bad news is that May was more crowded than usual (1st May ever with more than 400k visitors).  But as usual, getting out early and staying out late helped to beat the crowds.  Here are a few links for those interested.

Gallery Link

Trip Report Link

Here’s a sampling of some pictures:






And finally, if you want to see Columbian Ground Squirrels the rest areas in Western Montana along I90 are filled with them.



Arizona Bats

June 21, 2016

Well, the bats are certainly back at our place here north of Tucson.  Here is what was waiting for us after a trip to Yellowstone a few weeks back:


I count about 20 Pallid bats.  While we like bats we would prefer them to hang out in their bat house which has yet to be used.  The poop from 20 bats on your porch is a bit much.

I was hoping for some ID help with another bat that visited us.  We have had the Big Brown Bat before but this bat was smaller, blonder and seemed to have longer ears:




Thanks in advance.