Whalewatching alert

After a few years’ gap, huge mixed herds of northern right-whale and Pacific white-sided dolphins are present in Monterey Bay, together with record numbers of transient killer whales. You can easily see them all in a weekend.


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3 Comments on “Whalewatching alert”

  1. Jon Hall Says:

    Wow – I just checked the Monterey Bay Whale Watch log http://www.montereybaywhalewatch.com/slstcurr.htm impressive indeed. I might try to get down there in the next two weeks if this continues

  2. Karen Says:

    Coincidentally, we were on the 10AM Princess trip out of Monterey this morning. We had good close views of two blue whales, a few humpbacks, a pod of 20ish long-beaked common dolphins, and that’s about all. I think the trips out of Moss Landing are better bang for your buck, as you don’t spend 40 min each way to get to the deep water. And the sea otters in the slough estuary there are always worth a visit!

    • vdinets Says:

      You never know… that 40-min crossing is sometimes better than the submarine canyon area. Also, from Monterey it’s easier to quickly get out of the Bay and to the waters off Carmel, and that’s another area where interesting things (such as orca kills) often happen.

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