New Trip Report: Riverine Rabbits in South Africa

A great report from Paul Carter who just spent a weekend successfully searching for Riverine Rabbits, currently top of my list of things to look for when I am back in South Africa (well just below Pangolin at least). Sounds like a top spot.

Riverine Rabbit Quest, 2016: Paul Carter, 3 days & 19 mammals including Riverine RabbitHewitt’s Red-rock Hare, Aardwolf, Round-eared and Cape Sengis. 


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5 Comments on “New Trip Report: Riverine Rabbits in South Africa”

  1. vdinets Says:

    Great photos! Be sure to submit them to HMW, they are still accepting them for all remaining volumes.

  2. Thanks for a very useful report Paul. I had been planning on trying for this species this Easter (before ultimately changing my destination), but the site I had been recommended was on the concession of a very expensive lodge, so this is a much more affordable option. Excellent pictures.

  3. kittykat23uk Says:

    Great! Just the sort of info I was after and Jon would you or others here be interested in teaming up at all because I have been keen to look for this rabbit too, along with all the other great mammals that Paul saw. I am pretty flexible with dates and have no current commitments as regards planned trips.

    All the best


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