New Trip Report: Nicaragua

I was in Nicaragua last month on a week long mammal bonanza.  A record breaking trip for me I think in terms of diversity with 86 species (plus one that might be an 87th and might even be new to science).  Thank you Jose Gabriel!

Nicaragua, 2016: 8 nights & 86 species including TayraSpotted Hog-nosed SkunkSpectral BatMexican Dog-faced Bat and many more.

A report from my trip to Panama last week will follow soon



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9 Comments on “New Trip Report: Nicaragua”

  1. Livetowander Says:

    The bat pictures are incredible!

  2. vnsankar Says:

    This is amazing. Nicaragua is now with Mexico, DRC, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia at the top of my list 🙂

  3. vdinets Says:

    So boring… All bats look the same. I can’t wait to move to New Jersey, get back to Great Swamp and get a better photo of New Jersey’s most exciting mammal, the woodland vole.

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