Stereo Trip Reports: Israel

Mike Richardson and Mark Hows were in Israel recently and had a great trip – so great that they both wrote reports.

Israel, 2016: Mike Richardson

Israel, 2016: Mark Hows

8 days & 23 species, including Striped HyenaWolfJungle CatOnager and some nice rodents including Golden Spiny Mouse.


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4 Comments on “Stereo Trip Reports: Israel”

  1. tomeslice Says:

    Guys, well done on the hyena and the jungle cat!! Both species that were not at all guaranteed, considering the scarcity of the hyenas in the desert, and the non-operating night tours in the Hula Lake!!! My bad, that I didn’t remember that they don’t offer night tours in the winter.. but in my defense, I did tell you guys to call and reserve ahead of time 😉

    Once again, it was a pleasure to meet you all and see you next time, somewhere in the world!


  2. Mike Richardson Says:

    Tomer- thanks again for all the help you gave us including sorting our parking ticket! It was also great to meet up with you. I did email the Agamon Hula visitor centre a couple of times asking about the night tours but they never replied. I guess I should have phoned.

  3. vdinets Says:

    You have to check the most recent paper on Plecotus systematics to find out which one is in Hula Valley. I know it’s Plecotus christiei in Negev. I have PDF if you’d like.

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