New Trip Report: Tibet & Sichuan

Here’s an epic report from 2014

Tibet & Sichuan, 2014: Jesper Hornskov & Ian Green, 3 weeks & 45 species including most of the Tibetan specialties plus AsianHog and Ferret Badger, Asiatic Black Bear and a Grey-headed Flying Squirrel.


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2 Comments on “New Trip Report: Tibet & Sichuan”


    According to all books i know they are no Long Tailed Goral in Sichuan: their distribution is apparently limited to north east China, both Koreas and east Russia.

  2. Phil B Says:

    This was an mistake made during our first tours in China owing to errors in the distribution map in the first edition of Mammals of China… It was finally corrected during the 2015 tour… That report at

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