New Trip Report: Costa Rica

Richard Webb was in Costa Rica this month and he’s sent through another of his thorough and useful reports.

Costa Rica, 2016: Richard Webb, 12 days & 36 species including some nice batsOlingoGreater Grison and a Vesper Rat.



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7 Comments on “New Trip Report: Costa Rica”

  1. Alan D Says:

    Thanks for posting this Jon. I will be at Tirimbina in a few weeks. Sounds like Richard didn’t have great luck but I will pay attention to his tips and keep my fingers crossed.


  2. Richard Webb Says:

    Alan, if you want to go out with the bat researchers probably best to try to book this in advance and re-check it before you go, as I’ve seen other reports where people have turned up thinking they’ve booked the bat researchers to find that none were available.



      Richard, I agree with you that at Tirimbina they have rarely Honduras white bat as they told me when I was there. Except La Selva there is a place where a guide told me they are apparently regular: near a waterfall before reaching Corcovado from the west. But you need a private boat and it might be expensive. I didn’t go.

    • Alan D Says:

      Richard, thanks for the tip. I have inquired about going out with the researchers but communication with the lodge has been sparse (from their end). They did tell me I can’t go out at night without a guide. So, I have booked a private guide for 2 of my 4 nights (at $84 for 2 hrs each night) leaving the other two open to hopefully hook up with the researchers. I must say my expectations have been lowered a bit by your experience but that is OK. We will hopefully see some new herps and birds as well. Once again, thanks for the very timely report.

      • Alan D Says:

        Well, I heard back from the lodge. There are no researchers at the lodge now so hanging out with them is out. Richard, did you by chance stop by The Costa Rica Nature Pavilion down the street from Tirimbina? It’s supposed to have great bird photography there so I am thinking about adding that to the list.

        Despite my expectations being lowered, I am looking forward to Tirimbina (and 4 nights at Arenal). I will whip up a report when I return.

  3. Great report – thanks Richard.

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