NE India Trip Report

I finally finished my trip report for my mammal-watching and birding trip report to NE India last May: (link). This is a trip I’ve long wanted to go on, and it met my very high expectations. Full-size versions of my photos are on my website: Let me know if you have any further questions!

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6 Comments on “NE India Trip Report”

  1. John Fox Says:

    Thanks, Ben, that is an extraordinarily helpful trip report, be it birds or mammals. FWIW, I thought that Skipper was (almost) as interesting as any of them.

    • geomalia Says:

      Thanks! What do you mean by Skipper? I’m guessing you’re referring to the Golden Emperor Moth, which is by far the most beautiful moth I’ve seen. I’ve seen “skipper” refer to a type of butterfly before, but perhaps it has a broader meaning in British English.

  2. Richard Webb Says:

    That’s one of the best reports I’ve seen on here or on, in years. It sounds like a great trip. So nice to see so much detail about each of the areas visited. It’s certainly rekindled my interest in visiting the region.

  3. tomeslice Says:

    Awesome report and great pictures!!!
    Just to note that the link doesn’t work, I found it here:
    by narrowing it down to area, time period and finding you 🙂

    I think India is the next destination for meafter South A,frica and Sangha-Ndoki greater area..


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