Dog-jackal hybrids etc.

I know you were all disappointed that identifying Canis species in Western Palearctic proved to be so easy and straightforward. Well, here is something to spice it up.

Now, a question. I found an old paper claiming that spotted bats can be attracted by playback of their flight calls. Any suggestions as to where I can download such a recording? (Note: I don’t know if the paper should be trusted; the first thing I noticed is that the coordinates they give for their study site are off by 5 degrees latitude.)

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2 Comments on “Dog-jackal hybrids etc.”

  1. bwkeelan Says:

    I’ll e-mail you one, Jon. — Brian Keelan

  2. Jon Hall Says:

    Hi Vladimir, I will pass this to you… (Brian thought I had written this post). Could you the paper up here as it sounds interesting?

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