New Trip Report: Sichuan

Here’s a report of a very productive trip t Sichuan from Phil Teller last month

Sichuan, 2015: 9 days & 27 species on a very successful trip including Forest Musk DeerChinese Ferret BadgerChinese Mountain CatHog Badgerand Golden Snub-nosed Monkey.



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6 Comments on “New Trip Report: Sichuan”

  1. Charles Foley Says:

    Wow. That’s a really good list Phil – well done. Loved the picture of the Takin!

  2. tomeslice Says:

    Awesome report, Phil!
    When I was in Sichuan for a purely scenic tour with my family, I inquired about going to Baihe, but I didn’t get a response, as far as I remember. Who did you contact in order to see the monkeys there?

    Cool pictures of the cat and the takin!!

  3. brugiere dominique Says:

    Phil. I am glad you have been successfull.

  4. philtelfer10 Says:

    Charles, Tomer, Dominique, Thank you and glad you liked the pictures. It was only a short trip but i think we got a few goodies.

  5. philtelfer10 Says:

    Sorry Tomer, i didn’t answer your question – Sid goes to Baihe for birding trips and heard about the Monkeys from a ranger there, a Mr. Tang. He can arrange to take you there, Monkeys far from guaranteed though.

  6. tomeslice Says:

    Gotcha! (Sorry for late response. lol)
    Next time I’m in China I will include this place in the itinerary.
    I’m secretly waiting for developments in Giant Panda tracking in China… If not in Foping then maybe in other places..?
    But I will be back in Sichuan in the next 4-5 years for sure.. and I will try to contact this so-called Sid 🙂

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