New Trip Report: Central California

A new report from Mike Richardson and Sarah Winch, who was in California in October (in fact I met them for a couple of days while they were there).

Central California, 2015: Mike Richardson, 10 days & 43 species including Kit FoxPanamintSan JoaquinHeerman’s and Giant Kangaroo RatsBobcatRiver Otterand Snowshoe Hare.




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5 Comments on “New Trip Report: Central California”

  1. vnsankar123 Says:

    I see that you got the Antelope Squirrel at my spot in Panoche Creek. Nice job!! They can sometimes be tricky to find there…

    • Mike Richardson Says:

      Your information was very useful throughout my trip and was greatly appreciated. It certainly wasn’t an easy animal to find but knowing exactly where to look makes mammal watching much easier.

  2. vdinets Says:

    I’m sorry my book’s recommendations didn’t always work out. Hopefully there will be a second edition someday and it will be better – I’m already collecting informaton.

    • Mike Richardson Says:

      Your book was invaluable Vladimir, both in the planning stages of my trip and once I was in California. I don’t think any mammal watcher could seriously expect to see every species mentioned at every site, even if considerable time is spent looking. When it’s time for the second edition you may want to check out the Merriam’s Chipmunk site in my report. I reckon it’s as good a place as any to look for this species, especially if the bird feeding station remains in the caretaker’s yard.

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