Torch for spotlighting

Hi all

I presently use a Lenser P14 and P7 for spotlighting. They are good but I would like a little more reach. I asked a tour guiding friend who recommended the Fenix tk 75. It looks excellent but at £150 – plus the cost of batteries and charger – it’s rather more than I’d hoped to spend. I know it’s a small fraction of the cost of binoculars, scope, camera gear and foreign trips but I’d be keen to save a bit on that.

Any recommendations appreciated.


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9 Comments on “Torch for spotlighting”

  1. geomalia Says:

    I had a Fenix TK41, and it was definitely a worthwhile addition to my P7 and H14. It was significantly brighter, allowing good views of mammals and birds at greater distances, and better views of ones closer.

    The TK41 has been discontinued, but you can still find them for sale. Does anyone know how it compares to the TK75 (Steve, maybe you could ask your friend)? On a recent trip, a guide accidentally dropped my TK41 in a river – another reason to go independently whenever possible (not possible at thst location).


  2. I’ve had a Fenix TK75 for two years now and absolutely love it. I use it when spotlighting from a car and for night walks. It’s really solid, waterproof and has an incredible beam both in terms of brightness and distance. The charge on the batteries lasts many hours (11 for the second brightest light, which is what I use most of the time). For me it was well worth the money.

  3. brugiere dominique Says:

    Hi Holly, I agree your Fenix TK75 was very powerfull and have bought it. I just worry if all airlines permit to carry it with the 4 Lithium ion 18650 rechargeable batteries (either 2600 or 3400 mAh- 3,6V).

    • Hi Dominique, lovely to hear from you! Send me an email to let me know how Madagascar went. I keep the torch with the Li batteries in my hand luggage and have never had a problem going through Security.

      • Hi Holly, do you know if the Fenix 75 also takes the small CR124A batteries? My concern with rechargeables is running out of juice in the middle of a trip and not being able to find a place to charge them up again. If it takes regular batteries as well that’s a big plus.

      • Hi Charles, as far as I’m aware the torch only takes the big rechargeable batteries.

  4. Maurice Tijm Says:

    Hi Charles. 18650 batteries are not expensive. I just bring 8 of them along in check-in luggage (Flight from Europe, not US though), they stay charged quite a while.
    John thanks again for the link. A great site.

    Maurice Tijm

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