2016 trips: participants wanted

Dear All,

Here is the list of trips I’m planning to guide in 2016. It appears that I’ll leave North America (or at least the West Coast) next year, so most likely they’ll only be offered once.

1. A mammals-and-birds watching trip to the Dominican Republic and Cuba (late February). The plan is to repeat our successful quest to see solenodons and hutias on Espaniola a couple years ago and try the same on Cuba (where you can see 3-4 species of hutias). You can go to both islands or just one. I don’t have a detailed description yet, but will have it in a couple weeks if there’s enough interest.

2. A two-part trip to the Pacific Northwest (June). You can sign up for the Oregon Part, the Washington part, or both. Trip description: http://dinets.info/PacificNorthwestTrip.pdf

3. An expedition to see endemic mammals and birds of Bering Sea islands (July). This one is a bit pricey, but it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a true adventure. Trip description: http://dinets.info/BeringSeaExpedition.pdf

4. I’m trying to organize a live-aboard trip to islands and shores of the Sea of Cortez (possibly in July), but to do that I need to go to Baja California in spring to set things up, so it would be nice to know in advance if anybody’s interested.

5. Also, I can do personalized tours anywhere in California – just tell me what you’d like to see.

In addition to that, I’m looking for people willing to share the costs of the following trips (I’ll not charge any guiding fees):

6. Alaska (mammals and Northern lights), probably early February, 1 week.

7. Sichuan (mammals and some birds), early March, probably 1 week.

8. An expedition to try to see saola and Annamite striped rabbit in the Annamite Mountains (the former might happen or not, but the latter is actually quite likely). It looks like we’ll have access to certain locations that are normally off-limits. This trip will require certain skills and endurance (all others are generally easy and non-technical). Other mega-rarities a possible bonus. I’d like to do this in January, but there are other options.

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10 Comments on “2016 trips: participants wanted”

  1. Cathy Pasterczyk Says:

    The link for the Pacific Northwest trip does not seem to be working for me.

  2. brugiere dominique Says:

    I am interested in your trip to Annamites Mountains. When you have more informations tell me at brugiere.dom@sfr.fr

    • vdinets Says:

      Well, to put it short, I am in contact with someone working there, they are getting loads of striped rabbit photos from their automatic cameras, so I suggested replacing the cameras with human volunteers (myself included) to get more behavioral data. Other rarities also show up, but less reliably. I’ll post updates here as they become available.

  3. philtelfer10 Says:

    Hi Vladimir. Interested in the Annamites – are you thinking Jan 16 or 17. ? phil.

  4. vnsankar123 Says:

    Considering looking for Fisher (I take it Hoopa is the best area in CA, right?), Sonoma Tree Vole, and some other stuff with you in NW California. What’s the best time to try?

    • vdinets Says:

      I’d say either now or in April. Now both fishers and tree vole populations are still high because many of this year’s young are still around. April is the mating season for both of them, so they will be very active. For shrews the best time is also now as they breed multiple times until early December. Another option is June, when young fishers leave dens and there’s a lot of juvenile small mammals running around.

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