Lasiurus re-shuffled

A new paper proposes serious changes to Lasiurus taxonomy. The authors used both mtDNA ad nuclear DNA, but the sample sizes were mostly small. They propose lumping L. salinus, recognizing two spp. on Hawaii (one endemic, one shared with North America – I wish they at least tried to look at possible phenotypic differences) and a few more splits. They also propose splitting yellow, red and hoary bats into three genera (looks reasonable for yellow bats, but less so for the other two as some “red” species apparently belong to the “hoary” clade). They didn’t sample all species, so I’d wait until the missing ones are also sampled before accepting the 3-genera split.

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One Comment on “Lasiurus re-shuffled”

  1. I concur with you on wishing they had some phenotypic data for the Hoary Bats. As is, not only is it unclear if there are any morphological or vocal distinctions between taxa (i.e. how do you field separate them), but they are not even sure what form goes with the holotype. Assuming that L.C. semotus is the Hawaiian endemic is just sloppy, especially after the recent Omani owl taxonomic complications.

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