Chile Trip Report

Here’s a report from Charles Foley who hit up some of the classic sites in Chile over the Christmas vacation in 2014/15.

Chile, 2015: Charles Foley, a week or so and a useful update on many of the sites in my 2009 report. Species included PumaBig Hairy ArmadilloMarine Otter and Pudu.



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10 Comments on “Chile Trip Report”

  1. John Fox Says:

    Good to get an updated report, thanks Charles.

    I’m doing the poor man’s trip to Antarctica next month (an interior cabin on a cruise ship is about a third the price of the small ships) and found some mammal gen for Santiago, etc.

    Marine Otters can be found at Isla Cachagua, about 70km north of Valparaiso/Santiago.

    There is a large Coruro colony near Farellones/Valle Nevado, a ski area 36km west of Santiago, they are said to be easily seen. has daytime photos of Coruro in their reports.

    I saw a report of a colony of common Degus but couldn’t find it again. They are supposedly at lago Peñuelas National Reserve near Valparaiso, along with a handful of other mammals.

    Far South Expeditions is a tour operator at Punta Arenas, their web site has a photo of Magellanic Tuco-tuco on Tierra del Fuego Island. However, they had zero interest in taking me out to try for them.

    I’ll post a trip report, see if any of this pans out.


  2. tomeslice Says:

    Nice report, Charles!!

    Thank goodness I read all these reports rigorously, otherwise how would I know when someone’s making a joke at my expense? 😉

    Now, if anyone reads this and misunderstands the joke, they might think it was I who started the fire… so I have to clarify and say it wasn’t me! Lol. As the rumors go, it was a young, post-army female who had to take a leek and didn’t want to litter, so instead of throwing away the used toilet papers she decided to burn them. Oops. There goes the park.

    Anyway, it’s too bad you got sick and missed out on the southern otters! Maybe, with a bit of luck, this will be made up for with a striped weasel when you’re in South Africa this spring. (Fingers are crossed).

  3. mojomort Says:

    Hi Charles. Nice to “hear” from you. Just one note of correction: The park authorities have now closed the park to ALL off-road / off-trail traffic, even that of licensed guides. On the trip that I am planning next year, we have hired 3 of the best trackers, and we will be doing most of the tracking on private lands adjacent to the park, where the pumas of course also roam. Cheers.

  4. mojomort Says:

    I was of course referring to Torres del Paine in the note above

  5. Richard Webb Says:

    Currently in Chile and we have just had six Pumas without using any trackers. One just outside the park boundary at Laguna Goic. They seem to being seen regularly here at the moment. Accessible from the trail between the Sarmiento and Amarga gates. Also a female plus four large young close to the road to Laguna Azul two evenings ago!


    • mojomort Says:

      Femlae plus 4 young must have been amazing!

      • Richard Webb Says:

        I have been lucky in TDP. I’ve seen females with cubs on four of the five times i have been there. Twice self found and twice with trackers including a family on a kill. On my first trip i had a female with three young within 3 hours of getting there and down to 10 metres from the car. Every sighting is awesome.

      • mojomort Says:

        Sounds like you are having a tremendous time, Richard! I can’t wait to go back, but will have to (almost a year out). Let us know is you see a spotted cat … 😉

  6. Charles Foley Says:

    Hi Morten, I hadn’t heard about the banning of all walking off-trail, so it must have happened shortly after I went. Based on Richard’s comments, they are fortunately still easily seen outside the Park, so lets hope those private landowners keep that option open.

    • mojomort Says:

      Yes, it is a very recent decision on the part of national park authorities. There is also a bid from one player down there to ruin the business for everyone else, like he’s been doing in other countries too – lots of dirty stuff going on. The Goic land does seems to be an important part of the equation for future sightings, let’s hope they are not bought over.

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