ID please: bats from the Pantanal, Brazil

2014 y 2015 Panama,Ecuador,Brazil 12802014 y 2015 Panama,Ecuador,Brazil 12852014 y 2015 Panama,Ecuador,Brazil 19082014 y 2015 Panama,Ecuador,Brazil 19112014 y 2015 Panama,Ecuador,Brazil 12842014 y 2015 Panama,Ecuador,Brazil 803

These 6 photos are of bats that I couldn’t identify from Brazil. The bottom photo is from near Cristalino Jungle Lodge, the others are from the a couple of abandoned constructions along the Transpantaneira road.

I think that many species of bats are in these photos; indeed one appears to have 2 species in it. The third photo looks vampire-like top my eyes (but what do I know? I am mostly a birdwatcher and have little experience or resources on field identification of bats…).


Héctor Gómez de Silva

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2 Comments on “ID please: bats from the Pantanal, Brazil”

  1. Fiona Reid Says:

    bats 1-3 and 5 are Glossophaga soricina. Bats 4 are Carollia sp (mom and baby) . Bat 6 is Carollia perspicillata (I am pretty sure but to be certain you need a tibia measurement)

  2. hectorgom Says:

    Thank you very much, again!
    Is that a white stripe down the middle of the back on the Carollia?

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