Marrick safaris , South Africa

Hi all

I’ve just booked flights for South Africa, my fourth visit. One of the main reasons for returning was to visit Marrick safaris for aadvark and black-footed cat. Although when I originally contacted them I got a quick response more recently an email didn’t get any response, nor did my inquiry through their website. Today I tried ringing them and the number was unobtainable. Obviously this is worrying as I’m desperate to go their but also I can’t really book anything else to I’ve sorted out the most important part of the trip.

Does anyone know if they are still in business, presently on holiday or any other explanation?



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3 Comments on “Marrick safaris , South Africa”

  1. stevebabbs Says:

    I’ve now had a reply!

  2. Mike Richardson Says:

    In the past when they’ve been slow to reply I have contacted the owner directly via facebook. He’s always been quick to sort any issues although he’s often away from the property. Marrick is fantastic, you’ll have a great time Steve.

  3. mattinidaho Says:

    Glad you were able to contact them. For other Marrick visitors, Skype worked best for me for contacting them. You can also contact Trevor Datnow via Facebook as Mike suggests above.

    We were there a year ago and had a fantastic time: aardvarks, black-footed cats, aardwolves, wild cats, S. African hedgehog, Smith’s red rock hare, long-eared mouse, etc.

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