New Trip Report: South West USA

A new report from Jason Woolgar, with the definite highlight a Puma in the Cibola NWR, Arizona.

South West USA, 2015: Jason Woolgar, 3 weeks & 61 species through California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and Colorado including Puma, Swift Fox, Hooded Skunk and Banner-tailed Kangaroo Rat.


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2 Comments on “New Trip Report: South West USA”

  1. vdinets Says:

    Nice! Lower Colorado puma subspecies is one of the most beautiful, and difficult to see.

  2. Alan D Says:

    Sounds like you had an awesome trip Jason. Congrats! I am certainly jealous of lots of your sightings including the Sweetwater Bobcat. We have been there about 1/2 dozen times with no bobcats yet.

    Sounds like you need to come back to Arizona for the Black-footed Ferret soon. If you do, let me know.


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