New Trip Report: Bioko Island

A fascinating report from Curtis Hart who spent 5 months in Bioko Island from October through March. What a place!

Bioko Island, 2014-15: Curtis Hart’s notes of a 5 month stay on the island. Many exciting mammals including Drill, Black Colobus, Target Rat, Tree Pangolin, Cameroon Scaly-tail and African Linsang!


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4 Comments on “New Trip Report: Bioko Island”

  1. vnsankar123 Says:

    Wow. Just incredible – a place I’ll certainly be dreaming of visiting someday!!

  2. John Fox Says:

    Incredible indeed! Thanks Curtis.

    Your report conjures up the magic of when I started birding and realized these critters with funny names weren’t living on another planet but I could go out and see them.

    I so wish I was aware when I was young, I might have followed your path and lived for months in a place like Bioko Island.


  3. Chris Roche Says:

    Great report Curtis. This is going to cause a lot of envy!

  4. cmh78 Says:

    Thanks for the compliments, it certainly is an incredible place. Here’s a video about the Drills. Enjoy.

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