Mammals Trip Report Australia and a bit of New Zealand and New Caledonia.

Mammals Trip Report Australia

Hi people,

I just returned from a year travelling Australia. I worked for three months, visited New Zealand for a month and “lost” a month by visiting New Caledonia for 10 days and some other miscellaneous events. That makes 7 months of birding/mammalwatching in Australia (also looking for reptiles/fish/amphibians).

I used extensively so one can regard this as an update as well as a source of new info.

I also filmed a rock wallaby who could possibly turn out to be a Nabarlek, any help is much appreciated!


Best regards,

Pieter de Groot Boersma

Birder/naturalist by nature 😉

Visit this site for some mammals on video (most don’t work on a phone:

Visit this site for more then 3000 clips of birds:

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7 Comments on “Mammals Trip Report Australia and a bit of New Zealand and New Caledonia.”

  1. Israel Says:

    can anyone else open that report? Or is it just me that cannot get it to work?

  2. I can’t get it to work either.

  3. Just managed to download it on my work PC so not sure what the issue is. Fantastic report BTW.

  4. Thanks for the compliment Mike Richardson! I cannot open it on my phone either, but it is possible on my laptop. I used WPS Writer so maybe that is the issue. I will have Open Office by Friday so I will upload it again then.

  5. Maurice Tijm Says:

    Wow! Reports on Australia always provide fantastic reading but this reports really hurts. Tell me a mammal enthusiast who doesn’t LOVE marsupials. I have seen a fair shair of the mammals of Australia but Rock Ringtail Possum, Leadbeaters Possum, Spectacled Hare Wallaby, Spot-tailed Quoll etc etc in one report including photos, please give us a break! What a massive trip.

  6. Jon Hall Says:

    I really enjoyed this too, particularly seeing that so many sites I knew well are still good 10 years on. One download problem is that its a very very heavy file. I will try to compress the image quality to get it down to less than 5mb which might help.. .otherwise we could split it into two reports I suppose.

  7. Jon Hall Says:

    If you cannot download the full file then here’s a much smaller PDF (8MB)

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