Global Mammal Watching Check List

Dear all,

At the start of this year I uploaded – after lots of comments – a global mammal watching check list, largely based on the IUCN Redlist species database. And I promised that I would try to update it every six months or so.

The second installment is here Global mammal watching master list aug 10 2015

The second tab – the worksheet “changes over time August 2015” – lists all the changes made since last time (and additions are highlighted in yellow in the main sheet).

Basically I have

a) added a few newly discovered/agreed upon species that the IUCN have yet to recognise (but presumably will), and

b) added and removed a bunch of species reflecting changes in the IUCN database since my last download.

I’ve also noted that the Redlist is currently missing entries for 3 primate species that were present 6 months ago and ought still to be there (their departure is just a process issue it seems and they will return soon) they remain on the master list.

Hope this makes sense and is useful. Let me know if not! Also please let me know what I have missed.


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4 Comments on “Global Mammal Watching Check List”

  1. vdinets Says:

    You still have two moose species 😦
    I am pretty sure the actual number of species of Neotropic primates is about 50, everything else is taxonomic inflation. For example, I’m yet to see any compelling evidence for recognizing more than two species of capuchins.

  2. vdinets Says:

    BTW, IUCN is working on a major update of its mammals list, due in a few months. I just sent them a bunch of notes and corrections.

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