Deramakot Delivers Again…

For anyone who has been contemplating visiting Deramakot following Jason & James Woolgar’s and Jon, Jean-Michel and I’s reports… here is something interesting 🙂 These are just two pictures Tom from Adventure Alternative Borneo took yesterday, and sent us, to drool over in jealousy ..

DSCN2569 DSCN2632

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16 Comments on “Deramakot Delivers Again…”

  1. Tom Hewitt Says:

    Credit where credit is due, Michael was actually the b’stard who took the pics, rumour is that a bay cat was also seen the next night…

  2. tomeslice Says:

    Before you post pictures of the Bay Cat and the marbled cat seen on 2 consecutive nights from Michael, be warned that you might have an unbearable inflation of requests to visit Deramakot by mammal watchers and all other kinds of naturalists and wildlife enthusiasts throughout the world ;-P

  3. Tom Hewitt Says:

    Another clouded leopard this week (yawn yawn), also masked palm civit, and otter civit

  4. tomeslice Says:

    And otter civet?! Any pictures? Jon would drool over that one (as would I, though we did see one briefly at Way Kambas)

  5. jasonwoolgar Says:

    I said last year that Deramakot would become one of the top wildlife destinations in Sabah and I cannot wait to go back….

  6. tomeslice Says:

    Yep! A truly amazing place.

  7. Tom Hewitt Says:

    We got a tufted ground squirrel last week, not very grounded as well, down the road in Imbak

  8. Tom Hewitt Says:

    Strong reports coming in that not one but two clouded leopards were seen last night in Deramakot, we wait with increasing levels of excitement for the video to be uploaded!!!

  9. tomeslice Says:

    Nice! Two leopards in a single sighting? Or even more crazy – TWO separate sightings???

  10. tom hewitt Says:

    You want to upload the latest CL and other marvels?

  11. Tom Hewitt Says:

    Not one but two clouded leopards seen last night!

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