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Golden Jackals and African Wolves

July 31, 2015

Not sure this is the last word on the matter.. but interesting. So is it safe if I add both to my mammal list?


ID for some mammals from California/Arizona – part 2

July 29, 2015

Here is part 2 of my unidentified mammals.

1. Yosemite, Tamarack Flat Campground. Deer mouse?

2015_06_04 IMG_4596 21u04 Deermouse Mojave N.P.

2. Kangaroo rat from Mojave National Preserve (near Mid Hills Campground). Desert kangaroo rat?

2015_06_04 IMG_4608 22u36 Desert kangaroo rat Mojave N.P.

3. A gopher from the Black-footed ferrets near Seligman. Botta’s pocket gopher (photo taken with my mobile phone, since I forgot to take my cameras…)?

2015_06_05 23u07 Botta's pocket gopher Seligman

4. A rat from Madera Canyon. I saw several of these at the feeders of Santa Rita Lodge. Some kind of woodrat?

2015_06_10 IMG_4126 6u15 rat Madera Canyon

5. Another rat from Madera Canyon (maybe the same species as the previous one?). These were seen near the Proctor Road Parking Area.

2015_06_10 IMG_4222 9u40 rat Madera Canyon

6. Kangaroo rat from Borrego Palm Canyon Campground in Anza Borrego. Dulzura is the one seen there, so I guess the photo shows this species?

2015_06_11 IMG_5969 21u47 Dulzura kangaroo rat Anza Borrego

7. Another one from the same location.

2015_06_11 IMG_5971 23u23 Dulzura kangaroo rat Anza Borrego

8. A kangaroo rat from Joshua Tree, near Hidden Valley Campground. Desert?

2015_06_12 IMG_6081 21u20 Desert kangaroo rat Joshua Tree N.P.

And to end some kangaroo rats from Carrizo Plain. I mainly drove the road to Selby Campground, and saw quite some k-rats. I found these difficult to ID however… I didn’t see any foxes or antelope squirrels in Carrizo.

9. Giant kangaroo rat?

2015_06_16 IMG_6836 21u20 Giant kangaroo rat Carrizo Plain N.M.

10. Another Giant?

2015_06_16 IMG_6847 23u32 Giant kangaroo rat Carrizo Plain N.M.

11. Giant too?

2015_06_17 IMG_6862 00u00 Giant kangaroo rat Carrizo Plain N.M.

12. The last one, could this be a San Joaquin kangaroo rat?

2015_06_16 IMG_6838 22u58 San Joaquin kangaroo rat Carrizo Plain N.M.

Thanks a lot for any help!


ID for some mammals from California/Arizona – part 1

July 29, 2015

Hello all,
In May-June I was in California and Arizona. It was a great trip, we saw about 65 species of mammals with Black-footed ferret, Island fox, Bobcat, … (report is coming in the next weeks). However, I am still struggling with the ID of some animals, mainly chipmunks and kangaroo rats. I have pictures of most of them, and decided to split this up in 2 parts, one with the sciurids, and a second with mainly mice and rats. Thanks in advance for helping me out with these!

In Yosemite, I saw many chipmunks, which were mainly Lodgepoles, but I also saw Long-eared (Merced Grove), Shadow (Merced Grove) and Alpine (Tioga ). I found that id’ing Lodgepole and Long-eared was quite difficult…
1. Chipmunk, seen near the Toga Pass entrance. I saw an Alpine chipmunk there too, but I think the one on the photo is a Lodgepole?
2015_05_31 IMG_1941 7u48 Lodgepole chipmunk Yosemite N.P.
2. Another chipmunk from Yosemite, this one was seen along the Tioga Road near Lembert Dome. Another Lodgepole?

2015_05_31 IMG_2109 18u13 Lodgepole chipmunk Yosemite N.P.
3. Chipmunk, Tuolumne Grove. This one seems to have quite some white behind the ears, so Long-eared?

2015_06_01 IMG_2168 7u59 Long-eared chipmunk Yosemite N.P.
4. Another from the same location, also Long-eared?
2015_06_01 IMG_2201 8u09 Long-eared chipmunk Yosemite N.P.
5. One from Merced Grove, from where Long-eared is often reported.
2015_06_01 IMG_2297 10u35 Long-eared chipmunk Yosemite N.P.
6. A squirrel from Mojave National Preserve. Rock squirrel? (I saw many squirrels of this species in Arizona, but this one seems to be different).
2015_06_05 IMG_3067 9u50 squirrel Mojave
7. Another Rock squirrel from Mojave?
2015_06_05 IMG_3186 12u28 Rock squirrel Mojave
8. A chipmunk from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Cliff was abundant here, this one looks not as grey as the Cliffs. Could this be Uinta?
2015_06_06 IMG_3285 12u53 Cliff chipmunk Grand Canyon N.P.
9. Another one from the Grand Canyon, this one liked to climb in trees.
2015_06_07 IMG_3485 9u41 chipmunk Grand Canyon N.P.
10. A crappy picture from a chipmunk I saw at Ten-X Campground, a few miles south of Grand Canyon. Is this a Cliff chipmunk (although the habitat was pine forest without any rocks or cliffs nearby), or Uinta (or impossible to say from this picture :-))?
2015_06_07 IMG_3448 7u50 chipmunkTen-X Campground
11. I saw this squirrel at the same campsite, is this an Abert’s without eartufts?
2015_06_08 IMG_3670 5u59 Abert's squirrel Ten-X Campground
12. Some bats to finish, I don’t expect these can be identified, but since I have pictures I give it a try. This one was seen near Potwisha Campground in Sequoia, they emerged well before it was dark and were pretty small – Canyon bat? Another slightly lighter and larger species was flying around at the same time here too (maybe a California myotis?)
2015_06_02 IMG_2533 20u08 vleermuis Sequoia N.P.
13. Another bat, this time from Joshua Tree. This one was larger than the other bats (which I think were Canyon bats) flying around.
2015_06_12 IMG_4679 20u00 bat Joshua Tree N.P.
14. Finally, one without photo. At Tamarack Flat Campground in Yosemite I heard several bats flying around after dark, on my bat detector I could hear them best on 20 kHz.

Thanks again for any help!


Deramakot Delivers Again…

July 27, 2015

For anyone who has been contemplating visiting Deramakot following Jason & James Woolgar’s and Jon, Jean-Michel and I’s reports… here is something interesting 🙂 These are just two pictures Tom from Adventure Alternative Borneo took yesterday, and sent us, to drool over in jealousy ..

DSCN2569 DSCN2632

RFI – Ecuador – Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve / Southern Yasuni / Kapawi Lodge

July 26, 2015


Has anyone been to Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve for mammals (or birds)? And are there any lodges that stand out? Private guiding would be a must though, don’t want to be put in a group with general interest visitors.

And what about southern end of Yasuni NP (Pastaza district), are there any intresting lodges there? Even further south there is Kapawi Lodge, looks rather plush but an interesting fairly remote location?


Need ID Help – Peru – squirrel and squirrel monkeys

July 24, 2015


In Tapiche both the squirrels and squirrel monkeys were sometimes rather confusing:

1. Squirrels

Attached is a slightly out of focus picture of a Sciurus squirrel.

To me the hairs on the feet appear almost all red, but the hindlegs clearly show some black – does the black at the nail tips make this a Southern Amazon Red Squirrel? I think so, but not sure.

The two photos are identical, but the second has been overexposed three stops.

2. Squirrel Monkeys

The Handbook of the Mammals of the World 3 states that Ecuadorian Squirrel Monkey (macrodon) and the peruviensis form of Black-capped Squirrel Monkey both occur and intergrade in Tapiche (they specifically mention Rio Tapiche and Rio Blanco).

Some of the Squirrel Monkeys seemed to be pure peruviensis with a proper dark blackish cap, but the monkeys in these photos appear to be intergrades or even Ecuadorian Squirrel Monkeys. Can anyone comment?

Photo 1 (the “relaxing” animal) is from a different group than the other ones, which were all in the same group. One photo of three group of  3 was overexposed 2 stops in Photoshop for clarity.



TAP PRimate 02overexposed TAP PRimate 03 TAP PRimate 04 TAP squirrel overexposed TAP which squirrel TAP PRimate 01

Interesting article about detecting spot patterns on melanistic leopards

July 23, 2015

– Leslie