Pika ID (Arunachal)

I photographed this Pika near Sela Pass in Arunachal Pradesh, India in an alpine meadow at about 4200 meters elevation. Any thoughts on the ID? My guess is Large-eared Pika based on the length of the ear hairs. What resources would you recommend for making an identification? I’ll post a trip report later.



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4 Comments on “Pika ID (Arunachal)”

  1. tomeslice Says:

    Based on our long Pika ID discussions last year, and from my own pictures I would be inclined to say it’s not a large-eared. Large-eared has white underparts and is generally lighter in color, if I recall correctly.
    My first guess is Royle’s Pika based on the white neck stripe and brownish underparts, but we’ll see what others might say.

  2. geomalia Says:

    I considered Royle’s Pika, but Sela Pass is several hundred kilometers to the east of its known range.

  3. vnsankar123 Says:

    Looks a little like Moupin Pika. This one’s in range too and I think there are reports from this same area of the species. NOT an expert on this topic by ANY means though…

  4. Jon Hall Says:

    Ben, I passed this on to Andrey Lissovsky (a Russian academic and Pika expert). He said he knows the species, which he is in the process of describing, and would like to get in touch with you to use the photo. What’s your email address? Write me on jon@mammalwatching.com if you prefer

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