New Trip Report – Sabah & Sumatra

FB Pongo abelii 2
Sumatran Orang Utan

I spent the last two weeks of May in Sabah (Deramakot Forest Reserve) and Sumatra (Way Kambas & Gunung Leuser)with Jean-Michel Bompar and Tomer Ben-Yehuda. We saw 64 species including both Orang Utans, Thomas’s and Mitred Langurs, Banded Palm and Otter Civets, a bunch of nice bats and Pen-tailed Tree Shrew.

Part 1 (Borneo) is here

Part 2 (Sumatra) is here

FB Petaurista petaurista
Red Giant Flying Squirrel


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5 Comments on “New Trip Report – Sabah & Sumatra”

  1. mattinidaho Says:

    Nice reports Jon. You are getting into the realms of Extreme Mammal Watching. And now I see an epic sun bear/rhino expedition in the making…

  2. vdinets Says:

    It sure sounds like fun!

    Do you know if Dermakot can be visited independently?

    Sounds like it’s more practical to just go to the main entrance to G. L. It’s a short bus ride from Medan, and you can stay in a hostel for close to nothing and see pretty much the same stuff around.

    Poring Hot Springs are worth more than a short stop: it’s a good place to see yellow muntjac, and you can see/trap a lot of interesting small mammals, including smoky flying squirrel and some bats in caves.

  3. jasonwoolgar Says:

    Great trip Jon and I think that it is a ‘given’ to state that I was extremely lucky to see Marbled Cat and Sun Bear at Deramakot, particularly as I encountered the Sun Bear two days in a row! However, you have to remember that I was searching Sabah for more than 30 nights in total, compared to your four nights and, as I have already mentioned to Tomer, the longer I spend in the field, the luckier I seem to get……

  4. Jon Hall Says:

    Thanks Jason and Vladimir. I must have spent 20 or more nights in Sabah now… I missed a Sun Bear by an hour at the DVFC the first time.. but I reckon a once every 30 days hit rate might be about right for Sabah.

    Vladimir.. I think you would struggle to visit Deramakot without a contact in the Forestry Department. I believe they simply refer all inquiries onto tour operators. That said, the cost of our trip – vehicle, fuel, food and house was very reasonable and I imagine a car and driver would be almost as expensive alone. Yes Poring was good in 2005.. wish I had more time to stay longer at all these places. #Damnyouhavingtowork!

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