RFI: Cayembe Coca, Ecuador

Hi all,

I am planning a trip to Cayembe Coca Nat Park in Ecuador next September to look for Andean bear (and possibly mountain tapir…). I would like to know if the park’ roads are accessible with a standard car or if a 4X4  is needed?

Thanks in advance.


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6 Comments on “RFI: Cayembe Coca, Ecuador”

  1. Richard Webb Says:

    Nicolas, on the two times that I have visited the park the road was just driveable without 4×4 but it depends on road conditions at the time of your trip and I would recommend 4×4 for the higher road clearance. Hope this helps.

  2. nicogaidet Says:

    Many thanks Richard for your answer.
    Would you know how to arrange access to the park beforehand? any Park office contact?

  3. nicogaidet Says:

    Thanks Jon

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