RFI: Patagonian Fox ID

There has been some question about the ID of a fox I photographed near
Punta Arenas, Chile.  Is it a Culpeo or a Patagonian Gray Fox. Photo at…

Additional photos attached.  Thank in advance.

FoxDSCN8111 FoxDSCN8110

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3 Comments on “RFI: Patagonian Fox ID”

  1. vdinets Says:

    Hi Joseph,
    P. culpaeus doesn’t have black chin, so it’s got to be P, griseus.

  2. vnsankar123 Says:

    Looks to like Chilla (P. griseus) to me as well. Most foxes you see in grasslands around Punta Arenas in Chile will usually be Chilla, not Culpeo, from my experience traveling in the area.

  3. Joseph Morlan Says:

    Thank you very much. P. griseus it is.

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