New England Mammals

Planning a trip to pick my daughter up from Camp Sloane in Connecticut at the end of August, and would appreciate some suggestions of sites to visit which are good for mammals and other wildlife within the states of New England. The only thought I have so far is Cape Cod for whale watching.

Many thanks Kevin

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3 Comments on “New England Mammals”

  1. John Fox Says:

    Gray Seals are found around the Chichester city dock, I found one after a long, long Ivory Gull stakeout some years ago. The city dock is not in the city itself, it’s just a turn out along a road near the city. Sorry I don’t have particulars.

    Jon Hall posted a place for New England Cottontail a few years ago if that is of interest. This blog has no search function but the quix bookmarklet works a charm

    There’s an endemic rodent on one of the islands near Cape Cod I can’t think of right now, Vladimir Dinets posted about it. It’s in the field guides.

    That’s all I can think of.

  2. John Fox Says:

    Not Chichester, Chatham.

  3. kbrown217 Says:

    Does anyone know of good sites for Bears in New England, ie a dumpster that is visited regularly, or similar. Still would appreciate any other input on wildlife, best site for Moose currently ? Muskrat ? Or even Coyote ?

    Many thanks

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