New Trip Report – Guyana

I spent the last week of March in Guyana. I loved it and here’s my report.

Guyana 2015: 8 days & 33 species including all 8 primates, Greater Longnosed Armadilloes and Homez’s Big-eared Bat.


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5 Comments on “New Trip Report – Guyana”

  1. vdinets Says:

    Nice! But believe me, Karanambu deserves more than a day visit.
    When I was at Iwokrama, local guides claimed that giant armadillos were abundant there. But the only armadillo I saw was a greater long-nosed, and the burrows they showed me seemed way too small. I suspect they misidentified the long-nosed… Has anyone actually seen a giant armadillo there?

  2. mattinidaho Says:

    I have to admit I have never really thought of going there, and now I don’t know why. Looking at Rewa’s page it offers 2 of my favorite things: mammals & fly fishing. Definitely one for the list!

    • Jon Hall Says:

      Yes we met a couple of Americans – a biologist and a fly fisherman – working on setting up a sustainable Arapaima fly fishing project there. One hell of a fish!

  3. tomeslice Says:

    Well done, Jon!

    White-faced Saki is one of the coolest neotropical primates!!! Very glad you got to see them, AND the bearded sakis!! Of course a tayra would have been nice, but now it seems they are pretty much guaranteed at Bellavista in Ecuador, where you are surely going to visit to find an olinguito šŸ™‚ And a long-nosed armadillo was a nice bonus.

  4. jasonwoolgar Says:

    Nice trip Jon and when you get a chance to return, try the Rupunini Savannah area in the south, which is stunning and also a decent area for Bush Dog. Not sure when I will get back, but I plan to spend much longer in that area next time.

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