Sierra Nevada Red Fox sighting; And a Pygmy Right Whale in South Africa

SAN FRANCISCO — The first confirmed sighting of a rare Sierra Nevada red fox in Yosemite National Park in nearly a century has been confirmed by park officials.

Meanwhile I see from Trevor Hardaker on facebook that a Pygmy Right Whale has been spotted several times off of Cape Town in the past couple of days. So if anyone is in South Africa – or can get there fast – then go! This is by far the hardest baleen whale to see.


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3 Comments on “Sierra Nevada Red Fox sighting; And a Pygmy Right Whale in South Africa”

  1. vdinets Says:

    Here’s a nice story on red and grey squirrels in the British Isles. I didn’t check it for accuracy.

  2. John Fox Says:

    That really is impressive. The top level predator’s effects on an ecosystem is an ongoing narrative of a very broad thesis, very interesting to read about another example.

    The wolf/moose/aspen/stream temperature/fish narrative is the classic example.

    I thought the speculative idea that the Gray Squirrels were suffering from “fear” is plausible. Chronic stress is recognized as a causative factor in human disease, like metabolic syndrome.

    My two pesos, FWIW.

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