Tiny Trip Report – 2.5 Hours spotlighting for Caracals in Southern(ish) Israel

We set out to find a Caracal, which is the animal of the year (in the Tomerian Calendar).
Here is the report:

Mission-Caracal – 1st attempt

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3 Comments on “Tiny Trip Report – 2.5 Hours spotlighting for Caracals in Southern(ish) Israel”

  1. Simon Feys Says:

    Nice report! I saw a Caracal in Israel in April 2008, while we were spotlighting for Nubian Nightjar near Néot Hakikar. The animal sat in a bush, it stayed there as we stopped the car, and we had great views. Good luck next time!

  2. tomeslice Says:

    Nice Simon.. you lucky f***! 🙂

    I will see one this year. It’s just a matter of looking for them enough time. I just went for 2.5 hours but I’m planning a trip with my friend throughout Israel to see onagers, oryx, gazelles, ibex and also hopefully caracals and hyenas, all in the desert. So we are going to prime habitats, and hopefully I will have some good new 🙂

  3. vdinets Says:

    There is a small mammals research lab in Mitzpe Ramon – they might give you good tips on things like gerbil colonies etc.

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