Mammals in the News

A lot in the news this week about the Rhino and Elephant crisis. The bad news included statistics like 2014 being the worst year ever for rhino poaching in South Africa.

The (slightly) better news is that there seems to be a serious response starting up, with news like tracker dogs now helping in the fight against Elephant poachers. And there were a couple of really well made videos too going viral from WildAid. This one on rhinos. And this, really powerful one, on ivory and terrorism. Not for the faint-hearted.

Meanwhile in Brazil someone has come up with an app to monitor roadkill. This would be very useful too in Tasmania, where the easiest way to see wildlife is from a glass-bottomed bus.

Finally, at least things are looking up for the Hollywood Cougar. Yes, that kind of cougar.

Have a good weekend


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