help wanted with rabbit identification Dubois, Wyoming

Hi all

Can anyone help with the identification of this cottontail? It was photographed near Dubois, Wyoming at an altitude of about 7000 feet.

Regards Steve

mountain cottontailsmall

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2 Comments on “help wanted with rabbit identification Dubois, Wyoming”

  1. Andrew Block Says:

    I’d say either Desert or Mountain but not sure which. Has marks of both but b/c of elevation I’d say Mountain.

  2. vdinets Says:

    Looks like mountain cottontail to me. Grayish color suggests Pygmy Rabbit, but I think the ear and the nose are too long, and none of the PRs I’ve seen had such a pale eye ring. Also, PR is limited to S Wyoming. Desert Cottontails sometimes look very similar at high elevations, but nomally have longer ears with black tips.

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