New Trip Reports: Canada, Costa Rica and California

The penultimate batch of reports from Jason Woolgar’s archives.

Canada (BC, Churchill and Winnipeg), 2013: 35 days & 49 species including Arctic Fox, Polar Bear, American Marten, Collared Lemming and a Bearded Seal.

Costa Rica, 2013: 22 days & 35 species including Greater Grison, Tayra, Hooded Skunk and Water Opossum.

Point Reyes (California), 2014: 6 days & 24 species including Bobcat, River Otter, Badger and Pacific Jumping Mice.

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in – or from – the USA. I’m heading to central California to eat and drink too much and try to see a few rodents this weekend.


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2 Comments on “New Trip Reports: Canada, Costa Rica and California”

  1. PandaSmith Says:

    I have been absolutely blown away by Jason’s trip reports! Photography is stunning and the reports are very informative and well put-together. Great job and PLEASE keep them coming!!!!!

  2. jasonwoolgar Says:

    Thanks Coke, much appreciated and, given your own exceptional photography, that it very nice to hear. I think that Jon has two or three more reports to add, but you can access them all collectively on the website and the next new one will appear at some stage in January, as I head to Ecuador in two weeks to hopefully photograph Spectacled Bear and Mountain Tapir. Where are you all visiting next?



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