New Trip Reports – Yellowstone, Tanzania and Kenya

Here are three reports from Jason Woolgar who has some really nice reports and photos on his new site. More to follow over the coming days.

Yellowstone, 2008: 15 days & 15 species including Wolf, Marten and Snowshoe Hare.

Kenya, 2009: 38 days & 77 species including Serval, Marsh Mongoose, Zorilla & Wild Dogs.

Tanzania, 2009: 35 days & 53 species including Caracal and Northern Lesser Galago.


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2 Comments on “New Trip Reports – Yellowstone, Tanzania and Kenya”

  1. jasonwoolgar Says:

    Thanks Jon…will be great to see all of my trip reports on at last and sorry that I took so long! In future they will appear as I travel. Just for the record, the striped hyena and aardvark sightings were on the Kenya trip the following year. At 38 days, the 2009 trip was slightly longer with 77 confirmed species. The dogs won on both trips!!



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