New Trip Reports: Tibet & Southern California

Two more trip reports today

More proof, as if I needed it, that I really do need to visit Tibet very soon! Tibetan Plateau, October 2014: Steve Davis’s excellent report of a 2 week trip featuring 25 species including Pallas’s Cat, Asian Badger and Wild Yak. Jesper Hornskov also sent an annotated list of mammals seen on the same trip here.

And some great info on Southern California, where I will have a day to look for mammals at the end of this month. Southern California Heteromyid Grandslam, 2014: Fiona Reid & Vladimir Dinets, 9 days & an impressive 75 species including a lot of Pocket Mice, some nice Kangaroo Rats, Pygmy Rabbit, Western Yellow Bats and Orca.



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One Comment on “New Trip Reports: Tibet & Southern California”

  1. jasonwoolgar Says:

    Tibet report is wonderful, particularly given where we have just returned from, and I will be going in October next year, on the dates that I had originally put aside for my snow leopard trip!


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