News of Three Iconic Mammals: Aye Aye Site in Madagascar; Red Panda’s in Myanmar; Iberian Lynx in Portugal

Three places to see 3 very different – but iconic – mammals.

Rich Lindie (from Rockjumper) has just seen his first Aye Aye at Farankaraina, on the Masoala Peninsula. If anyone is lucky enough to be going to Madagascar then this site might be worth adding to the itinerary. Apparently Aye Ayes are fairly regular there. Its a beast I really want to see.

Meanwhile in Myanmar a pair of Red Pandas have been caught on film for the first time. See

And plans to reintroduce the Iberian Lynx to Portugal took a big step forward when the lynx was allocated 2,000 acres in Mertola, 180km southeast of Lisbon to live, hunt and breed thanks to the land owners signing contracts with The Institute for Nature Conservation and Forestry (ICNF). See


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