Golden beavers

If you’d like to see the golden subspecies of American beaver (Castor canadensis subauratus), there is an amazingly tame population in downtown Martinez, California. Just park at night at the Amtrak station, and walk across the parking lot to the footbridge over a small creek. They can be observed and photographed from ten feet away, and don’t mind flashlights at all.

Vladimir Dinets


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2 Comments on “Golden beavers”

  1. araminty Says:

    I live in the San Jose area, and have visited Martinez several times to visit the beaver family. The best time of year is summer, just for visibility, but we’ve seen them out and about around sunset in Dec too. If you do go, send the mayor an email to show your support for the Worth a Dam community which sprung up when the beaver habitat was threatened.

  2. John Fox Says:

    That’s pretty cool. The wiki page on Martinez, CA beavers says that after the beavers were allowed to stay, River Otter and Mink returned to the creek, as well as Steelhead Trout and Tule Perch. There is also a section on the “California fur rush” and the abundance of fur bearers in the delta before the fur trade.

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