THANK YOU JON (And Some Indian Mammals)

First of all, I can’t express my gratitude enough to Jon for putting together the amazing adventure, with a unique and diverse group of people, all of whom it was an absolute pleasure to meet and hang out with in Leh and Hemis.
So thanks everyone for a great time, and an awesome adventure!! (And special thanks to Joey the Stone Marten)

Jon will put together our trip report, so I won’t elaborate, but I want to add, on top of the mammals in our Ladakh trip, Rhesus Macaques ALL OVER Agra, 5-striped squirrels at the Taj Mahal, another unidentified squirrel at the Taj Mahal (see picture attached), which I actually think is most likely an immature or mis-colored 5-stripe
Unidentified Squirrel



Also, during my last day in Delhi, the very nice people in the Dutch/Belgian group who were with us in the camp invited me to go with them to Sultanpur National Park where we saw a lot of Nilgai and 5-striped squirrel. Also we saw some GREAT birds including spotted owlets, Indian Grey Hornbills, Sarus Cranes, White-throated, common and stork-billed kingfishers, brown-headed barbets (I actually missed those), wild Indian Peafowl, Great Coucal, 2-3 species of Eagles and lots of shorebirds and other interesting species 🙂 SO thanks again for letting me come with you guys!

I’m looking forward to hearing what the rest of our group saw on our extension!

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3 Comments on “THANK YOU JON (And Some Indian Mammals)”

  1. jasonwoolgar Says:

    Hi Tomer, was good to travel with you and with the rest of the group. The extension was great, but we only actually saw the one Pallas’s Cat and the mating pair of Eurasian Lynx that you have probably heard about already. Well done with Joey!! Cheers Jason

    • tomeslice Says:

      Only 1 pallas’s cat? That’s terrible.. And the infamous mating pair of lynx that everyone sees on Tzu Khar.. That’s old news.
      It was a pleasure to meet you guys and we will definitely stay in touch!
      What did you *actually* see in the extention? 🙂 and how freaking cold was it???

      • jasonwoolgar Says:

        At night it was very freaking cold!

        We saw lots of kiang, argali, more wolves and red foxes, woolly and cape hare, another two pikas and one of two possible vole species……plus a few things with feathers that Morten and Kate got very excited about!!

        Was one of the most beautiful places I have visited.


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