New Trip Report: Spain and France

Vladimir Dinets just got back from a month in Spain and France and – as usual – saw a whole load of stuff. Here’s his report.

France, Andorra, Spain & Gibraltar, 2014: Vladimir Dinets, 1 month & 65 species including Cabrera’s and Mediterranean Pine Voles, Iberian Lynx, Iberian Hare and European Polecat.


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3 Comments on “New Trip Report: Spain and France”

  1. Dear Vladimir,
    some informations about your observations of bats.
    Regarding last genetic studies, the only “Myotis nattereri” in South of Spain is Myotis escalerai (cf. Puechmaille S.J. & al. 2012 : Genetic analyses reveal further criptyc lineages within the Myotis nattereri species complex. in Mammalian Biology 77 (2012) : 224-228.).
    Furthermore, there is NO Mehely HorseshoeBat in France. Two years ago we suspected a small colony near Bezier but it was a mystake.
    Your faithfully
    Jean-Michel Bompar

  2. vdinets Says:

    Dear Jean-Michel,
    Thank you! I could have misidentified the horseshoe bats: my camera flash didn’t work. If you’d like to see the photos, please send me your email. Mine is dinets at

  3. vdinets Says:

    So, the bats in d’Orlu were Lesser Horseshoes, not Mehely’s. Thanks to Jean-Michel for IDing them.

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