New Trip Reports from Hugh Buck: Colombia, China, Estonia and Colorado

Hugh Buck just sent me a bunch of trip reports. The trips were primarily birding tours but he got some nice mammal by-catch

Colombia, 2014: A month’s birding trip with 18 mammals including Andean White-eared Opossum, Brown Spider Monkey and a Santander Dwarf Squirrel.

East and South China, 2013: 3 weeks birding with only 8 species of mammal including Amur Hedgehog and White-headed Leaf Monkey. The weekend extension to the Takla Makan desert found another 3 species: Yarkand Hare, Long-tailed Marmot and Long-tailed Ground Squirrel.

Estonia, 2014: 9 days & 16 species including Northern Birch Mouse and Raccoon Dog.

Colorado, 2013: 11 days birding & 21 mammals including Colorado Chipmunk and a Bobcat.



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