New Trip Report – Israel

Israel, 2014: Dominique Brugiere, 2 weeks & several species including Onager, Mountain & Dorcas Gazelles, Indian Porcupine and Golden Spiny Mouse.


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5 Comments on “New Trip Report – Israel”

  1. tomeslice Says:

    Dominique, next time you’re in Israel Contact me!! I always want to go mammal watching here, but don’t have mammal watching friends.. (I have plenty of friends just they’re not into mammal watching)

  2. heavenlyjane Says:

    Dominique, you did really well. We saw Egyptian mongoose near Hula Lake when we were last there.

    A big thrill for us was seeing large fruit bats roosting a feeding in a downtown park in Tel Aviv. They were unperturbed by the presence of human and gave an endless great show.

  3. brugiere domiique Says:

    Thanks for the information. I will try to see them (I think next year).

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